Base support Nova Neutron Communication

The nova-dpm virt driver needs integration into Neutron to allow instance networking using OSA and hipersockets. RoCE attachments are not supported.

Problem Description

The nova-dpm virt driver needs integration into Neutron to allow instance networking. The initial integration comes with the following restrictions:

  • There’s no way to specify the MAC address for a DPM NIC. Therefore the MAC address of Neutron port will not be equal the actual used MAC address of the NIC. This has the following known impact
    • Addresses from Neutron DHCP server do not get assigned
  • Only flat networking supported
  • No live attach of an interface (attaching only works on boot)

Use Cases

  • Starting a DPM instance with OSA and hipersockets NICs attached. RoCE attachments are not supported.

Proposed Change

Worksplit Nova Neutron

  • Nova is responsible for the partition object and all its sub resources. This includes the NIC object.
  • Neutron is responsible for the vSwitch and the (network) adapter objects and all its sub resources.
  • In addition to that, Neutron should manage everything networking related that can be changed while a port is attached to an instance. Therefore some overlap in the NIC object might exist. Nova will create it, but Neutron might read it or update it after creation.


* Attaching the instance to the network is job of Nova, also in other virt
  drivers like for libvirt.

* In fully virtualized systems there's is a differentiation between the
  actual NIC (managed by Nova) and the virtual switch port (managed by
  Neutron). DPM does not offer this differentiation.

DPM Objects manged by Nova

  • Partition

    • Create NIC: POST /api/partitions/{partition-id}/nics

    • Delete NIC: DELETE /api/partitions/{partition-id}/nics/{nic-id}

    • Get NIC Properties: GET /api/partitions/{partition-id}/nics/{nic-id}

    • Update NIC Properties: POST /api/partitions/{partition-id}/nics/{nic-id}

DPM Objects managed by Neutron

  • Adapter

    • Get Adapter Properties: GET /api/adapters/{adapter-id}

      "name":"FCP 0141 Z22B-07",
    • Update Adapter Properties: POST /api/adapters/{adapter-id}

    • Create Hipersockets: POST /api/cpcs/{cpc-id}/adapters

    • Delete Hipersockets: DELETE /api/adapters/{adapter-id}

    • Get Network Port Properties: GET /api/adapters/{adapter-id}/network-ports/{network-port-id}

      "name":"Port 0",
    • Update Network Port Properties: POST /api/adapters/{adapter-id}/network-ports/{network-port-id}

  • Virtual Switch

    • Get Virtual Switch Properties: GET /api/virtual-switches/{vswitch-id}

    • Update Virtual Switch Properties: POST /api/virtual-switches/{vswitch-id}

Potential overlap between Nova and Neutron

There’s no doubt about that Nova should create the NIC object. However some attributes of the NIC object might need to be managed by Neutron.

The questionable attribute would be

  • device-number

    The device number auto assignment of DPM will be used. Due to that Neutron is not aware of the device numbers at all. Only Nova needs to know about device numbers for passing this information into the partitions operating system.


In future dpm releases there might additional questionable attributes like the anti spoofing feature or setting the link up/down.

Mapping OpenStack API - DPM API

This is a mapping of OpenStack API calls and resulting DPM API calls.

OpenStack API - DPM API Mapping
Nova: Create instance on network Create NIC
Nova: Delete instance with attached Delete NIC
Nova: Attach interface Create NIC
Nova: Detach interface Delete NIC
Neutron: Create Port n/a ( 4 )
Neutron: Delete Port n/a ( 4 )
Neutron: Update Port - change MAC n/a ( 1 )

Out of scope are

  • Quality of service ( 2 )
  • Security Groups ( 2 )
  • Setting MTU ( 3 )

( 1 ) If a port is bound to a certain host (the corresponding DPM NIC object exists), changing the MAC is denied by Neutron. If the port is unbound, updating the MAC is allowed by Neutron.

( 2 ) Not available in DPM rel. 1

( 3 ) Not required. Automatically done by Operating System. MTU is part of DHCP offers or cloud-init configuration.

( 4 ) Creating does not result in a NIC creation. Create port only creates the ports DB entry. The corresponding NIC gets created once the partition gets started. Same applies for delete port.

The ‘host’ identifier

The ‘host’ attribute is an unique identifier for a hypervisor. It is used by Nova and by Neutron. During spawn call, Nova requests a Neutron port to be created for a certain hypervisor. The hypervisor is identified by this host identifier. It’s part of the create port call. For more details, see the flow diagram further below.

Nova Spawn Instance

The Nova driver call “spawn instance” attaches the partition to the networks. The following steps are required:

  • Retrieve the relevant information from Neutron
  • Create the NIC

Retrieving the relevant information from Neutron

The nova compute manager already does this. Then it calls the virt drivers “spawn” method passing a list of VIF (Virtual Interface) dicts. This list is named network_info. A VIF dict represents a Neutron port (1:1 mapping) and contains all relevant information that Nova needs. A VIF dict (or Neutron port) is represented by 0-1 DPM NICs (Neutron port can exist without a corresponding DPM NIC object).


There is currently a transition going on, to transform all VIF dicts into an os-vif object [6]. Nova already started that transition in the VIFDriver (see below). The final goal is to use this object for Neutron as well. But Neutron did not yet adopt to it and only a few Nova vif_types already switched to the new object.

Generation of the network_info list and its VIF dicts happens in neutronv2/ method _build_network_info_model [7]. a The VIF dict is defined in network/ [5].

Create the NIC

Nova needs to create the NIC on the partition object.

First Nova needs to check the vif_type to assess if it can support such a network attachment. At the beginning, the nova dpm driver will only support the type “dpm_vswitch”. If a port has another vif_type, processing should fail. The vif_types are defined by Neutron, in this particular case by the networking-dpm project [2].


The Nova libvirt driver implements a VIFDriver framework, to support different vif_type attachments [3]. A vif driver does 3 things: Define the configuration of the NIC, do some plumbing that is required to do the NIC creation (plug) and do some cleanup after a NIC got deleted (unplug). As we do not need any plumbing for dpm done, the plan is to not implement such a framework in the initial release. This will also speeds up development.

Support for the VIFDriver framework and os-vif will be introduced in a later release.

This is how the main path of the code could look like:

host =
# Waiting for vif-plugged event can be skipped in the first prototypes
with wait_for_vif_plugged_event:
    for vif in network_info:
       # do something with vif
      port_id = vif['id']
      vif_type = vif['type']
      mac = vif['address']
      vif_details = vif['details']
      dpm_object_id = vif_details['object_id']

      # Only dpm_vswitch attachments are supported for now
      if vif_type != "dpm_vswitch":
         raise Exception()

      dpm_nic_dict = {
        "name": "OpenStack Neutron Port" + port_id,
        "description": "OpenStack mac=" + mac + ", CPCSubset=" + host,
        "virtual-switch-uri": "/api/virtual-switches/" + object_id


Having the NICs name starting with ‘OpenStack’ is not mandatory. It’s just there to indicate an HMC user that this NIC is managed by OpenStack and he better not touches it.


Having the uuid of the Neutron port in the DPM NICs name field is important to ensure uniqueness. For DPM the NIC name is a mandatory field that must be unique within the scope of a partition. Therefore the Neutron UUID comes into the play. The Neutron ports name must not be used, as it is an optional attribute.


Having the NICs description starting with ‘OpenStack’ is important. The DPM Neutron Agent uses this to identify if a NIC is managed by OpenStack or not.


Having the mac of the Neutron port in the description attribute is important. It will later on be used by the Neutron agent to map a NIC object to a Neutron port! Also Novas detach interface probably needs to identify the NIC along the ports MAC.


Having the host-identifier at the NIC is also of importance. The same adapter might be used by different CPCSubsets. Adding the host-identifier we can ensure, that only the neutron agent that is responsible for the CPCSubset handles those NICs. Otherwise those NICs would be reported on both agents a “up” which leads to confusion in the neutron-server. The proposal is to add the host-identifier somewhere in the description field. Neutron will check for this.


There is no need for Nova to know if the vswitch object corresponds to an OSA adapter or an Hipersockets adapter. The DPM API for attaching those types is the same.


The RoCE adapter is not supported at all. Once it becomes supported a new vif_type ‘dpm_adapter’ will be avaiable.

Spawn Instance Flow



There’s an effort going on to move the Port creation from nova-manager to nova conductor [4].

  • On _build_and_run_instance, nova compute manager (n-manager) asks Neutron

    to create a port with the following relevant details

    • host = the host identifier (hypervisor) on which the instance should be spawned
    • network = the network that the instance was launched on
  • Nova manager creates the network_info list out of this information

  • Nova manager calls the nova virt-driver (n-virt-drv) to spawn the instance passing in the network_info list

  • Nova virt-driver creates the Partition (This can also done before the port details are requested).

  • Nova start waiting for the vif-plugged events and then attaches the NICs to the partition

  • The Neutron server sends the vif-plugged-events to Nova (after it detected the NIC).

  • After all events have been received, Nova virt-driver starts the partition



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